Jewellery Gold buyers in Bangalore

Reason to Sell Your Gold, Silver to DGold

  • We don't deduct any making charges
  • We give you the best price of your jewellery
  • Check the purity of gold by German made purity checking machine
  • We don't melt any precious metal, in-case you are not happy with price we return your jewellery without damaging
  • Offer price based on the purity of Gold
  • Payment is immediate
  • Cash, Cheque and NEFT/RTGS (online) transferred service available

In India, we have lot of options available to buy any ornaments and same when it comes to pledge our gold, but when the situation arise to sell your scraps for any reason, may be to fund your children fee, buy a new flat/plot or for buying new ornaments the available options are very limited and are not transparent. Banks sell the gold bullion, bars or coins to individuals but they never buy back from them. So people have no choice but to sell their gold to the craftsmen or jewel smith. They take the advantage of situation and deduct the hefty amount as wastage charge, melting charge, etc from customers and pay the maximum 60-65% of gold value which is not worth at any manner for customers.

How? Please read on…………

Jewel smiths makes the profit of jewellery from making charge and the making charges ranges from 5.00% to 35.00% depend on the brand name of makers. So when people sell their second-hand gold, diamond, silver ornaments, they are forced to pay the making charges and it varies from 5% to 35%. So selling ornaments to a jewel smith always ends up with losing huge amount as making and melting charges to the customers. Some of the chaotic pawnbrokers and jewelers straight away reduce Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per gram often apart from wasting charge and pay you the remaining money which is again a lose for you!! We at DGold believe in the mantra is “Right Valuation of Your Jewellery is Your Right”. We are India’s first professionally run precious metal exchange company

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